Sunken paths and dog dirt

Many of the footpaths in and around Alnwick are in a deplorable state due to vehicles parking on them and subsequent lack of maintenance and investment.

Many are broken, sunken and dangerous.

In particular, the pavement on South Road, Alnwick, adjacent to the flower tubs at Infirmary Drive. This has obviously been caused by vehicles driving onto the pavement here.

When will drivers learn that pavements are for pedestrians?

The pavement slabs are thin and brittle and often the sub-base is sand.

Last year, I attended a coffee morning in Robert Adam Court together with Coun Gordon Castle. The state of the pavements was criticised but, in particular, the pavement on the south side of Bondgate Without, which thankfully is now being repaired with some intervention by my colleague Coun Castle.

Noting that the pavement on Bondgate Without was being repaired these last two weeks, imagine my disbelief on Monday to see a very large heavy-goods vehicle parked well on to the pavement outside of the range of shops at the Squash Club.

Fortunately, the path ‘repairers’ hadn’t quite reached that part of the pavement yet but what will it take to get drivers to leave their vehicles on the road?

If they cause an obstruction, it can’t be helped providing they are delivering.

Paths are for pedestrians.

Perhaps the police and wardens need to issue some tickets for parking on the pavement – this would act as a deterrent and would save us all a lot of our council tax money in the long run, putting right the damage.

While still on the subject of footpaths, dog dirt is becoming a problem again, if irresponsible owners continue to allow their dogs to stray and deposit dirt or, worse still, while with their dogs, they leave their deposit on the pavement for others to tread in, then they should be held to account.

This is a common complaint but no one seems to be taking any notice.

Perhaps the dog warden could give the names of people prosecuted to the Gazette for publication.

That might hopefully embarrass those people who haven’t yet been caught into behaving responsibly.

As a town councillor this is the type of complaint which is often mentioned to me when I am out canvassing, so I think we would all be a lot happier if irresponsible dog owners had a bit more civic pride.

To the responsible dog owners out there, a big thanks for your consideration.

If anyone wishes to contact me on the above or on any other council business, I can be contacted by phone on 0771 221 3387.

Coun Bruce Hewison, MBE,

Alnwick Town Council