Stop wallowing and own up

LAST week a Labour Party spin doctor, Mr Watson from Seaton Valley, wrote in defence of the Lib Dem decision to make rebuilding Ashington Leisure Centre a higher priority than rebuilding The Duchess’ High School.

The figure of £18million for Ashington Leisure Centre was included in the budget figures that went out for public consultation. Conservatives argued forcefully and at length that money for developing the outdated high school buildings should be in the council budget. We received no support from Labour and the Lib Dems just would not listen.

Mr Watson follows the Labour Party line of denying any responsibility for our national and local financial problems. Labour’s economic legacy is that the UK must borrow £400million, and pay £120million in debt interest, each and every day. Here in Northumberland we could rebuild The Duchess’ High School four times a day, every day, with the money we are wasting on servicing Labour debts.

Regarding the Council budget, the Lib Dems stated that charges would rise no faster than inflation. So I was shocked when the Lib Dems broke this undertaking and increased burial and cremation fees by 50 per cent. Just as shocking was the sight of the Leader of the Labour Group agreeing with this massive rise.

Labour must stop wallowing in the luxury of opposition and take responsibility for their disastrous record.

Coun Peter Jackson


Northumberland Conservatives