Stop the blight on our area

Like your correspondents, I am shocked at the impact the wind turbines at Middlemoor and Wandylaw have made on the landscape.

Now planning permission has been given for a meteorological mast to be erected at Ditchburn, probably leading to an application for nine turbines to be added to the existing 28 at Middlemoor/Wandylaw.

Added to which, the Belford Burn planning application is in for another nine turbines along the same ridge, with air farmers investigating a site next door at Middleton Burn for 16 turbines.

Is it the council’s agenda to follow Lord Howell’s train of thought and build a continuous line of windfarms between Alnwick and Berwick where the population is low, so it doesn’t matter?

They obviously do not accept that tourism brings in the greater part of the income in this area, as they refuse to admit visitors’ objections as valid.

Also why are so few of the turbines at Middlemoor/Wandylaw working? Is there a problem?

Is this why we have had repeated power cuts over the last couple of weeks, during which our digital radio reception was interrupted?

Is it underground water causing problems?

If so, Middleton Burn and Belford Burn would surely encounter the same problems.

But I say enough.

Write and add views to the planning committee by August 23, 2013, and help us all to stop the shocking blight on north Northumberland.

Bridget Smith,