Stop bad driving

In reply to Ken Walters, Swarland resident (Gazette letters 18/10/2012), sir, you are the living proof of my argument, 23 years of safely negotiating the A1 Swarland junction.

It can be done. You raised the point that the Swarland junction is unlit. What proportion of the accidents at this spot occur during the hours of darkness?

The statistics I quoted were taken directly from the article printed in the Gazette which incidentally printed an article in last week’s motoring section that came to the conclusion that 42 per cent of accidents are caused by people not looking properly at junctions.

Whatever the statistics, you have to ask yourself why, when thousands of vehicles use any stretch of road without incident, do you get the horrendous accidents. For that fraction of one per cent who get it wrong, ask any insurance company and they will tell you exactly how to apportion blame. They no longer use the word accident, it’s now an incident.

You point out that traffic on the A1 doesn’t slow down when approaching the crossing. Dualling the A1 across the county would only make this worse.

Drivers would adopt a motorway style of driving selecting cruise control around the speed limit and sticking to it.

Is the answer as simple as putting speed cameras on the junction or CCTV to catch those residents of Swarland who take risks to push their way out into traffic?

Either way, bad driving needs to be stamped out. As a qualified professional driver holding a licence for 41 years, I have witnessed the aftermath of hundreds of road-traffic accidents but I’ve never seen one that was nobody’s fault.

CS Blease, Callaly