Still work to do

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IN reply to the letter ‘Treat this as an opportunity, not a set back’

Dear Name and Address Supplied, after reading your letter, I must admit to being a little worried about your idea of shopping and my waistline.

You invite me to visit and enjoy all the small specialist shops and all the eating establishments as I stroll along Queen Street and then finish my shopping expedition, bags in hand, with fish and chips and an ice cream. Phew!

But do you want me to do this before or after I’ve been to the supermarket on the Braid?

If I’ve been to Tesco first and parked in their car park (but not for too long or I may be fined) how much shopping am I going to do?

Will I be buying meat, bread, something for the dog or maybe some fresh flowers? But then there’s no need for me to stroll and visit some of the specialist shops in Queen Street.

Then there’s the frozen items. But I can’t leave them in the car while I stroll down the street (no freezer section in the boot) so I best get home straight away.

Now will that be through the centre of town? Sadly no.

Yes I agree, we need to look to the future. What kind of Amble are we creating for our children and our children’s children?

What will they think of the decisions we will make today?

It is time for everyone to be involved and focused on making sure that no opportunity is lost in maximising the benefits for Amble. I can see why folks think if the supermarket is built on the industrial estate that Amble may be by-passed.

One thought is why can’t Tesco extend the store they already have in situ, as this is already part of the main shopping area in the High Street?

But will this still have a major effect on the smaller shops, as has happened in other parts of the country, when a large supermarket has opened its doors?

There is still lots to discuss. A public inquiry is what is needed to discuss the whole development application.

The present situation is not set in stone. Outline planning permission can be overturned.

Look to the future – yes. The deed is done? I don’t think so.

L Jenkinson,