Statistics – is it the truth?

Every few months someone from Northumbria Police will be telling us how crime is coming down in Northumberland. I wonder?

About two weeks ago, a local man and female friend were enjoying a quiet Saturday evening drink in a local pub. They left the pub at 8-ish, the lady going to use the toilet while the man waited outside with her bag.

Two youths followed them out and tried to snatch the bag from the man’s hand. The 
gentleman, made of stern stuff, refused to let go.

He was dragged to the ground, then pulled two to three yeards along the road, sustaining bruising to his face and body, and his glasses being smashed.

The two cowards who did this were caught some-time in the next few days. Their punishment? A caution!

To any right minded people, this was a mugging and assault. Why were these two let off?

Does a caution appear on the crime statistics? You know where I am going? Are police issueing cautions to keep the figures low? This was a serious assault. Why weren’t these cretins charged? Oh and one final point – the gentleman assaulted is in his 70s.

Name and address supplied.