Station car park is abused

Cars parked at Alnmouth Railway Station
Cars parked at Alnmouth Railway Station

Everyone knows why Alnmouth Station car park is a nightmare.

There are dozens of cars, mainly belonging to holiday-cottage owners parked permanently there, which should not be there. If the car park is extended, again at great expense and inconvenience, there is no doubt that within a short space of time more cars will be permanently parked there and nothing changes.

Call me a simple man but why will no one admit the problem?More importantly, why will they not do something about it? Can they not create parking rules for their premises, as everyone else seems perfectly able to?

If the managers of the organisations concerned had someone park on their own front drive they would act in moments. Why is someone else’s problem so much less important?

Could you please invite them to reply in public via your paper to my previous inquiries.

Dudley George,


Kerb parking could help

I read with interest Ben O’Connell’s article about car parking at and near Alnmouth station.

As a regular user of Alnmouth Station it is quite normal not to get a space after 8am on a weekday and thus to have to park elsewhere.

Full marks to Northumberland County Council for seeking to enlarge the existing park but the reality is this is probably at least a year away.

However, zero marks to the same council whose officials have been stopping people parking on the kerb of the new car park.

Up to 10 cars could be safely parked here without obstructing the passage of pedestrians on the very little-used pavement or restricting access to the painted bays.

Everyone was happy with this arrangement until council parking penalty notices started appearing on vehicle windscreens.

I would ask that the council take swift action to remove the seemingly pointless regulation of parking only in marked bays.

This will have an immediate positive affect of moving ten vehicles from the surrounding roads back to the car park.

John Holwell,

King Street,