Spirited away on the bus

I have just spent a most enjoyable day out at Wallington Hall by using the newly-operational Spirit Bus. Clean, comfortable and on time.

I would urge people in our area to use this wonderful new bus service.

People in Rothbury and further up the Coquet Valley can now easily get to Alnwick and even to Alnmouth Station to catch a train to Morpeth or Newcastle and beyond.

In the other direction you can take a scenic circular route up the Coquet Valley or across to Elsdon.

All the bus times are co-ordinated with other bus services so now it is possible to travel from Alwinton all the way to Alnwick and from there to Morpeth or north.

It is so nice for people in Rothbury to be able to get to Alnwick – a more peaceful shopping alternative to Morpeth and of course you can visit the Garden and Castle whilst you are there.

No longer is our only option to go to Morpeth – we are liberated – and you can see so much more from the lovely comfortable buses than you can from a car.

Use the service and let’s keep it going – it’s well worth it.

Heather Lister,