South-east of county favoured

I noticed with a degree of anger the Liberals arguments on the state of our roads saying that the Tories were wrong in their attack.

They seem to think as they concentrate on the south-east of the county, they are fulfilling their obligations to the whole of the county.

The state of the roads in the Berwick constituency for the last two years is shocking.

There are potholes still present from two years ago on the B6346 and they removed the old bridge on the road to Shawdon Wood Farm two years ago, not mending their damage in the process, and now that section of road is becoming dangerous for cars.

Pilmoor Lane, used by the police to redirect lorry traffic when the A697 is blocked by accidents, is actually unroadworthy to cars a notice says so and that is damage this winter on top of the potholes of the previous ones.

It is wrong to blame the windmill development for the state of the road there from the A1 through North Charlton as that road was already impassable for car and buses three years ago and county put up a large notice advising the public then.

The state of the road was reported in my letters to the Environmental Agency and Defra and the Grass Land Society on the concern I had for the dying presence of the wildlife of the Bewick moor and two years ago that moor was designated a SSSI.

I knew the state it was in, as it is a main access road for my farms of Haughters Law and Quarry House and is needed for our shepherd and his family up there.

If anything, the people building the windmills actually improved the lower part of the road they needed for access in the construction.

The Liberals crow over their suggested success for the Alnwick High School for getting the huge input from Anne Marie Trevellyan and others in this area, they also forget that the ruling party which they are held up the project in county after the Conservative Minister of Education had managed to give it priority in Westminster, and then only part-funded it from county, leaving a small district like Alnwick to find £1,600,000 to find to finish off the job.

They continue to charge for parking in Alnwick when it is free in the south-east of the county.

They have withheld support for the very rural bus services in this part of the county, so now there are no buses from Wooler to Berwick and they are stopping on Saturday to Newcastle.

Although the villages are resided in by some people who have high paying jobs in the Tyne Valley, there are large numbers of workers who have local jobs, many of them receiving free school meals.

Many people out here are having the worst of this down-turn in the economy.

About the only service we receive in the rural parts is the refuse collection.

Yes, they are going ahead with repairing the road to Rothbury. I would be horrified if they held that up bearing in mind the Government has issued more money for highways to cover this winter.

At present, we are seeing the reason why Alnwick and Berwick districts voted against county control in the referendum of some years ago – because we feared that our area would be stripped of services.

Anne Wrangham,

By email