Some drivers show no respect

For the second time in recent months, our car has been damaged in Sainsbury’s Alnwick car park.

The first time it looked as though a loaded trolley had been pushed into the rear side of the car.

A definite dent and damaged paintwork was the result. A run of the mill accident you might say but no one left a note of apology.

The second time was on Friday afternoon of last week.

This time the car bodywork was badly dented, scraped and the rear bumper scraped and cracked.

The offending driver left the blue colour of his or her car on our vehicle.

With the damage done, I cannot believe that the driver of this car would not have noticed his or her car hitting ours. There must also be some kind of damage to the offending driver’s car.

Again there was no note of apology and as there was no other note it appears no one witnessed the event. This damage will likely cost hundreds of pounds to repair.

The car spaces are quite narrow and my guess is that there are many knocks, scrapes and dents due to swinging door accidents and the like.

However, some will be due to a lack of care and respect for other people’s property which I think is very sad.

I talked with customer service in Sainsbury’s and also the police but they said there was nothing they could do. There is no CCTV covering Sainsbury’s car park, would they consider this for their own additional security and as a support service for their good customers?

If any of your readers were in Sainsbury’s car park on Friday afternoon July 25, between 5-6pm and witnessed a blue car, van, 4x4 or truck running into the rear of a dark metallic grey Skoda Roomster and knows the offending car licence number or the driver/owner or can provide any information which might help track them down I would appreciate their inputs.

I would urge anyone witnessing such events to note details and report them.

Mr Hunter,

Address supplied