Solar power better than wind

ONE must ask what is behind this controversial proposal for a wind turbine near New Bewick?

It will, of course, produce alternative energy and thus contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide from conventional power stations.

It will also, as a result of a recent government scheme, bring the owner a tax-free financial return over a 25-year period in the form of the Feed in Tariff (FiT).

I wonder which of these two is uppermost in the applicant’s mind?

Wind is unreliable as a source of energy and always needs back-up from conventional sources. But any contribution that reduces carbon emissions is to be welcomed. But if the motivation is not entirely altruistic, perhaps I could suggest that photo-voltaic cells might be a better choice?

The FiT payment on one unit of electricity produced by PV cells is higher than that for wind. So one wonders why a smaller, more cost-effective method of domestic generation and financial return has not been chosen, especially when the turbine will have such a negative impact on the wider community and the outstanding landscape of the area, whereas PV cells are barely visible when attached to the roof of a house or on the ground.

Would it be too much to ask the applicant to think again?

Susan Rogers,

Rosenallis, Glanton