Sir Alan has pressed for a dualled A1

I am not a Liberal Democrat but like many constituents I appreciate and admire the way Sir Alan Beith has represented us for so long.

So I was disappointed to read for the second time this summer in your letters columns the accusation that he has done nothing about the A1.

As it happens, my profession has brought me into conversation with a number of Roads Ministers over the last three decades and I am quite sure that none of them has been left in the slightest doubt about Sir Alan’s advocacy on behalf of his constituents for investment to improve the A1 by dualling.

The problem for successive Ministers is that many other MPs are pressing for similarly, or even more, urgent improvements to major roads, but since the early 1990s, dealing with the shortcomings of our main road network has not been a high priority for governments of any party, so many places have had to wait their turn.

Perhaps the current review will conclude that the turn of the A1 in Northumberland has come and, if so, this will be to the credit of all who have campaigned for it over the decades – none more so than Sir Alan.

Richard Allsop,

Prudhoe Street,