Simply a monument to financial exploitation

I WRITE to congratulate the town council on their decision not to maintain the Harry Hotspur statue.

I must also express my astonishment that one of their councillors has accused his/her colleagues of ignorance of the town’s heritage and that the Gazette has seen fit to print their words on the front page, despite them wishing to remain anonymous.

If the councillor won’t put their name to the accusation, then it should not be printed on the front page of this newspaper. It is blatant confirmation that the Northumberland Gazette and a number of councillors are just mouthpieces for the Duke and Northumberland Estates.

Here is my perspective on the town’s history and heritage, which the lily-livered councillor may find ignorant but at least it is not anonymous. The Duke of Northumberland is one of the richest men in the country. His wealth has not come to him by hard work but by accident of birth.

He was born into a country still ruled by the landed classes for the benefit of the landed classes and into a family which has been exploiting Alnwick and its people for 700 years.

Harry Hotspur stil wealds his sword of financial exploitation above our heads.

The council are bullied and bombarded into compliance with the Duke’s avaricious housing schemes on green belt land. Then there is the money that Alnwick home owners must pay to the Duke if they want to build a conservatory on their house or put a solar panel on their roof. Unjust, unfair and undemocratic.

The people of Alnwick should be kicking over the statue, not forking out to maintain it.

Michael Townsend,

Rose Cottage, Embleton

Editor’s comment: We strongly refute any accusations of bias, either towards the Duke or any other individual or organisation. Such claims are completely unfounded.