SHOW: Stick security was paramount

I would like to use your column to reply to a letter I received recently.

Unfortunately, it was anonymous, therefore I cannot reply directly, which I would have preferred to have done. It refers to our entry of dressed walking sticks in the industrial tent at Powburn Show.

The letter writer’s concern was that we did not value the sticks and had them crammed in a corner as though it did not matter if the public looked at them or not.

It matters immensely to us that the public can view these wonderful entries.

I do appreciate the hundreds of hours spent making the sticks, but to prevent them being stolen is our priority, which is why they are secured behind net.

I am sure as a stick dresser yourself you would appreciate any measures taken to protect them while in our care.

I am glad you enjoyed our show and our record entry of dressed walking sticks.

Noreen Birnie,

Industrial secretary for Powburn Show.