Short-changed, yet again?

Before Christmas, we were treated to news pictures of the floods occurring elsewhere other than the north and there was a film of the Dawlish coast (an area I knew well as a child as we went to the Warren for shrimps and shellfish).

There was a gaping hole along the front where the sea had removed the bank, the railway hanging over the waves.

I was immediately reminded of the Rothbury road which was flooded in the previous winter when we were suffering a similar deluge.

At the time, I wondered how long that would take.

We had reached the next big bank holiday before we were treated to the news of the reopening of the railway line to Cornwall at the end of March.

It shows the interest of the Government in the south-west and the vocal effects of Conservative members of Parliament, one of whom is a North-Easterner by birth, from the borders.

Also causing a lot of comment is the way the North East was treated with flood conditions 18 months ago compared to the financing for the south from the Treasury now.

Yet again, we see how badly Northumberland is financed compared to the rest of Britain.

I wonder if the Rothbury road to the A697 will be in action before the 2015 elections.

Anne Wrangham