SHOPPING: Hats off for saying what we think

In response to the letter from your reader Billy Windsor in the Gazette dated April 2, I would like to take my hat off to him for verbalising what many of us ‘senior’ folk think.

It’s all well and good for our local shopkeepers to decide to close early on a Wednesday, but where does that leave us? The one’s who can’t drive, have to rely on public transport and live in an area where – since our main road took a nose dive into the river some years ago – are fairly limited where we can go and when.

Take last week for example.

My wife Casandra and I had both been poorly so were unable to get to Lidl where we usually do our big shop.

As such, I had to dash out into Rothbury on Wednesday afternoon to get something for our tea. What were my options? Well, the butchers was shut so that meant no pork chops which also meant I had to walk up to the Co-Op – quite some walk I tell you – who had also run out of most meat. What was left was typically overpriced so we had a fairly lean tea that night.

It’s not just the sporadic opening hours than get my goat but the fact that some – I must say some and not all – shopkeepers capitalise on a captive audience and adjust their prices accordingly.

What we need is a shopkeepers question time so that we can put our views forward and see if they take note.

Charlie Bassey,

The Maltings,