Shopkeepers need a break

Alnwick Town Centre'Narrowgate
Alnwick Town Centre'Narrowgate

Wonderful news that Alnwick is booming, and what a choice of events for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Alan Castle obviously enjoyed himself but bemoans closure of small shops.

Perhaps these shopkeepers chose to spend precious time with their families at one of the many attractions. Perhaps he might volunteer to swap places and open on Sundays?

A large turnover is needed to support paying double wages or additional time off etc, and don’t forget the banking and bookkeeping don’t take care of themselves.

The visitors I encounter are all impressed with Alnwick and Northumberland in general. Many choose to come for Christmas, New Year and Easter. Those without children at other times. The season has already extended.

We have come a long way from “I came to Alnwick on a Wednesday and it was closed.”

Eileen Woodward,

Haven Meadows, Shilbottle