Shocking state of the paths

Pavements in Alnwick
Pavements in Alnwick

I AM writing to you to complain about the state of the pavements in Alnwick as the elderly pedestrian did in the September 1 edition of the Gazette.

I do agree that the paving stones are in dire need of repair and that I, as a young man, am worried that someone might trip over said stones, fall onto the road and get run over by a passing car.

I, myself, have not lived in Alnwick all of my life but I am aware of the current situation, though they are not just a hazard for the elderly and disabled but also for everyone else, from toddlers to middle-aged adults.

What highlighted this was when my mother and I were walking out of WH Smith’s one day.

We were going to cross the road and I almost tripped on one of the loose stones. I am now starting to see this problem over a lot of Alnwick’s streets.

To show you the extent of this I have enclosed a picture I took while walking through the streets one recent Thursday afternoon.

I think this could become a major health and safety issue and it is a disgrace to see a town like Alnwick in such a state, and I would like to see the council actually do something about this so Alnwick may become a safer place.

Callum Rae, 12,

East Lilburn Farm Cottages,