SCIENCE: Cutting at a sensible rate

I can’t quite remember the last time I ever wrote a letter to a newspaper, but I’ve been amused at the predictable reactions of the eco-mentalists in the Gazette towards everyone who refuses to believe their latest obsessions.

Your ‘on message’ correspondent last week fell into the very reaction his type had been accused of by an earlier submission from someone who chose not to reveal their personal details.

Most open-minded people can think of many reasons why someone might wish not to be identified, be it personal security or whatever, or just a lack of desire for publicity, so it is childish to try and denigrate them for their choice.

What that previous writer appeared to be saying is that we have heard all kinds of extreme scare stories backed up by ‘scientific facts’ over the decades, from holes in the ozone layer, bird flu, millennium bugs, disaster if we didn’t join the Euro and so many other things that were going to kill or devastate us all, that have proven to be just plain wrong.

The manmade global warming scare is still being pushed despite the official figures that show no warming for 17 years or whatever, and it is, unbelievably, based on computer predictions of what the climate might be like in 100 years time.

Computers have been used before to try and predict the unpredictable, like crime, football results, the lottery, horse racing and so many other things.

Every single one has proven to be a complete abject failure and waste of money. Sensible people know that it is impossible to predict the unpredictable, yet here we have some people still putting their entire belief into a machine making guesses.

I am sure many Gazette readers saw the reports in the national press over the weekend about saturated fats. We have been told for years that red meat, bacon sandwiches, butter and so many other enjoyable things would kill us by clogging up our arteries with cholesterol.

Well, once again, we are now being told by scientists that, actually, it won’t. They admit they got it wrong for all those years, and we can now gorge on fatty foods like we always did.

My advice to Tony, who, curiously, didn’t have all his personal details revealed either, is to chill out and don’t believe all the so-called ‘scientific evidence’ that is thrown at us.

The scientists and the people who think they know best don’t have a good record for accuracy as history can testify.

We can still cut emissions but at a sensible rate instead, and without destroying Northumberland in the process.

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