SCHOOLS: Mountain out of a molehill

Lunch time at Lindisfarne Middle School
Lunch time at Lindisfarne Middle School

Am I the only one who worries about the weakening of our traditional northern resolve and our increasing ability to over-dramatise situations?

The Lindisfarne Middle School kitchen issue revealed that a number of folk clearly felt that our children cannot manage without one hot lunch-time meal in any given week.


Is having a sarnie for lunch one day, even in the snow, such a traumatic experience?

I missed two whole meals once as a young boy in the winter of 1977, I think I was out sledging and building snowmen and didn’t come back for lunch or tea.

Miraculously, I survived.

We have a hardy reputation as northerners and Northumbrians in particular, that reflects generations of hard living in wild weather and remote countryside.

Let’s embed this wholeheartedly in the next generation too.

I for one, think it will do them good.

Andrew Hastie,

Ladywell House, Swarland