Sadly, people ignore signs

IN reference to the article in last week’s Gazette, some people, in their infinite wisdom, actually think that by putting flashing signs at the Holy Island causeway will stop cars trying to cross.

They need to ask themselves these basic questions:

Does everyone stick to the speed limit in a 30mph area where we can see the 30mph signs?

Does everyone always put litter in bins even though signs say we will be fined if we drop litter?

Do people sneak past traffic lights that are on red?

Do people (generally males!) try to construct self-build objects without guidance even though it clearly states on box ‘read instructions first’?

Signs are effective as long as people actually abide by the information and act on the information that is presented.

However, due to us being human, which hopefully everyone reading this is, we can choose to ignore the signs.

People will still have the opportunity to look ahead of them and think ‘whey, I reckon I can make that’ and off they go ... splosh! The same as is happening now.

There needs to be a physical intervention and if anyone from the council would care to contact me, I would only be happy to give them a couple of options I have seen on my travels around the world which would potentially reduce the chances of these type of events happening.

Bruce Durham

Director of Accident Reduction