Rothbury Rod

In response

To ‘Opinion’. Ref Rothbury Rod, Gazette, June 11.

It does seem rather ironic that you have chosen to illustrate the argument with a photograph of a Diversion sign.

At least 20 of these have been put in place at great expense by the council using our taxpayers’ money instructing people to follow signs to Rothbury via New Moorhouse crossroads, which the majority of people very kindly follow.

Despite this, some people have chosen to ignore these signs and the consequences have been as follows: At least 16 accidents on blind corners, blind hills and narrow roads where unfortunate residents have been forced off into ditches and incurred rescue and repair costs.

Speed has contributed to this. So at further expense the council has put in many slow signs and cones. Animals have still been killed and injured, cyclists knocked off their bikes, even pedestrians driven into... and, of course, cars crashing into each other.

The road and verges have been severely damaged so incurring further very costly repairs by the council who are doing their best to keep on top of things. Some residents have had to re-surface their driveways where they have been damaged by people pulling off the road onto them.

What has been very welcome is the increasing number of walkers and cyclists expecting quieter roads, enjoying a chat with the residents... I fear for them.

So should you choose to believe the diversion signs do not apply to you, then please be prepared to give way to residents and not expect them to get out of your way.

So, Rothbury Rod, you’re wrong to say we don’t like you, we just don’t like what you are doing.

Name and address supplied