Rothbury landslide: What are we waiting for?

The landslip near Rothbury.
The landslip near Rothbury.

I can’t help thinking that we are all far too accepting of the ‘reasons’ put forward by the authorities for the continuing closure of the Rothbury road.

First it was engineers’ assessments, then funding applications, then wildlife surveys, then EEC tendering procedures.

In seven or eight weeks’ time, it will be the first anniversary of the landslip and now we hear that nothing will be done ‘over winter’ in case the land slips further.

We are now being told that work will be completed in 2015 – only another two years. That’s all right then, isn’t it?

No it isn’t.

Daily travellers by car are having to shell out an extra £30 a month in additional fuel costs – £720 in two years or more likely £1,000 if delays continue at the current rate.

There are all kinds of other disruptive consequences for individuals and families.

The authorities don’t seem too concerned about this while they carry on interminably with their monitoring equipment.

This wouldn’t happen anywhere else, certainly not somewhere in the home counties.

I seem to remember a devastating earthquake in Japan not too long ago when a collapsed motorway was completely rebuilt within a couple of weeks.

Can’t our engineers come up with a solution that would be independent of any further land slip – a low level viaduct for instance?

Or are we limited to the same kind of cheap solution that has been used on that road before – which obviously would just collapse again with further movement.

We could do with a little more ‘people power’ type activity and I would urge all those in agreement to search for and ‘like’ the title ‘Repair the B6344 now’ on Facebook to at least start to apply some pressure.

MV Heaney,

Wreigh Burn Field,