ROADS: Cut speeds and accidents on A1

The southern junction between Newton-on-the-Moor and the A1.
The southern junction between Newton-on-the-Moor and the A1.

Having just returned from a holiday in France, I have only just collected my weekly copy of the Gazette.

I am intrigued by arguments in the letters column concerning possible remedies for the accident black spots on the A1.

As someone who uses the road quite regularly to travel to the south and east of England, I am very surprised that no one has mentioned the section of the A1 in Nottinghamshire bypassing the village of Elkesley, which is also dual carriageway.

For years, this was an accident black spot with converging side roads in both directions.

The problem was resolved, after apparently much discussion, by the Highways Agency imposing a 50mph limit on the dual carriageway, with speed cameras at regular intervals.

Nobody speeds and the limit lasts for just over one mile.

Why on earth can’t the same system be applied to the A1 between Shilbottle and Felton and vice versa?

As far as I am aware there has been no further fatalities around the Elkesley section since this was implemented.

Incidentally, I passed through the Elkesley section late last year and the Highways Agency is now building slip roads to replace the dangerous crossing points, so there is money about if you shout loud enough.

Peter Eckersley,

Belle Vue Gardens,