Road must be built first

It is three weeks since the Gazette showed the plans of the site for the school and some 200 houses at the south side of Alnwick.

I am surprised that your letters page has not been filled with comments. I am told that it’s no good signing a petition of objection because that is seen as only one opinion.

Weavers Way is the only road at present which skirts the proposed site. It is also the only road to service the present housing at Fairfeilds.

Your article says that the exit from the proposed new housing will be onto Weavers Way – this in my opinion could create many problems.

I do not object to the new housing and we all agree that the new school is long overdue.

However, the proposed new road opposite the leisure centre past the Post Office sorting office into the new site must be be built first before any building commences, and the entry/exit onto Weavers Way should be for cyclists and pedestrians only, definitely a no-go for buses or heavy goods vehicles.

George Stokoe,

Fullers Walk,