RING: Appeal to find rightful owner

I hope that through your newspaper I will be able to reacquaint the rightful owner of some lost property.

On Thursday, August 6, I found a ring in Alnwick whilst attending the music festival.

I thought a quick announcement over the PA system of the main stage might prove successful and resolve the matter there and then. However, I was directed to the nearby information tent, but was met there with disinterest and advised to try the Tourist Information Centre or the police.

I am well acquainted with the knowledge that the police nowadays do not deal with lost property, and the TIC option seemed fanciful at the least.

I feel sure that a quick announcement on the festival PA would not have caused any great delay to its proceedings, but I am left to make this appeal to your newspaper.

I can be contacted on 01668 217087 for the rightful owner to reclaim their property.

Peter Younger

Address supplied