Rhetoric from the Lib Dems

Another day, another useless leaflet from the Liberal Democrats.

This one is ‘introducing’ us again to the county council candidates Dr Clare Mills and Heather Cairns.

Among the photos, posing with Sir Alan Beith (Benefit cuts: Yes! NHS privatisation: Yes! Gay marriage: No!) there are a grand total of two local issues.

First, ‘doing something’ about the bus station. What, precisely? It’s private land, leased to a private bus company.

In four years of power, the Lib Dem council hasn’t had the faintest idea of what to do with it. So why trust this pair to come up with anything?

Second, more self-congratulation about the Duchess’s High School.

You know, the one that hasn’t been built, with the money that the council doesn’t have.

I hear that the Lib Dems and their MP taking all the credit goes down really well with the governors and the members of the public who have done so much of the work.

Those bar charts that show how only the Liberal Democrats can beat the Conservatives are starting to looking pre-historic.

In a way, I guess they are, as they show results from the years BC – Before Coalition.

Your readers might be interested in the Northumberland-wide results from the police commissioner elections, a few short months back, when we were told that only the Lib Dems could beat Labour.

Those numbers again: Labour 41 per cent, Conservatives 40 per cent, UKIP 11 per cent, Lib Dems eight per cent.

Ozzie Bell,

Allerburn Lea, Alnwick