RENEWABLES: Questions for would-be Tory MP

Owen Paterson MP and Anne-Marie Trevelyan.
Owen Paterson MP and Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

It is intriguing to see the would-be Tory MP for this area challenging her opponents to join her in condemning ‘plans for thousands more wind turbines’ (Gazette, January 22), financed by billpayer-funded subsidies.

Since she has brought up the subject, my first question is where exactly are these plans for ‘thousands more wind turbines’?

My second one is to ask Mrs Trevelyan to explain the ethical difference between the bill payer funding for landowners to build turbines which she condemns the identical bill payer funding to wealthy landowners with mansions like her own who have installed huge biomass boilers. In both cases, it is transferring money from ordinary working people to the rich, although the electricity from the turbines is at least of benefit to everyone.

My third question to Mrs Trevelyan is to ask if she is a climate-science denier. Perhaps she has installed her costly boiler, at our expense, from a deep conviction that she is at least ‘doing her bit’ to fight climate change. Yet I find it deeply worrying that she has been photographed schmoozing with a pair of blatant science deniers, George Osborne and Owen Paterson. Saying she is a ‘sceptic’ is simply not acceptable; today’s global scientific consensus on the reality of man-made global warming is itself the result of three decades of thorough, sceptical research by thousands of experts and is accepted as fact by every government on earth, not to mention NASA, the Pentagon, the world’s insurance industry and essentially everyone on this planet apart from a few elderly, politically extreme crackpots in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia.

I am certainly not in favour of imposing wind turbines, and even less of big housing developments on local communities who don’t want them, but I would much rather have lots of carefully sited wind turbines than to bury my head in the sand over scientific reality and let blinkered zealots like Osborne and Paterson play Russian Roulette (five chambers loaded!) with humanity’s future later this century.

What I would like to hear from our prospective MPs is where they personally stand on the really big issues such as climate change, inequality, taxation, funding for education and how the NHS is going to cope with the costs of a rapidly ageing population. In comparison, squabbling over who is responsible for the ‘may never happen’ dualling of a few miles of the A1 and reducing wind turbines to a purely aesthetic issue when that is only a tiny part of the climate change/ energy supply crises we face is pathetic. Could I ask our would-be MPs to treat us like adults?