RELIGION: Radical ideas are not taught

James Calvert Spence College building in Acklington Road, Amble.
James Calvert Spence College building in Acklington Road, Amble.

I was really saddened and disappointed to read about the Dixon family’s attitude to Islam. They seem to be basing their ideas on the sensationalist media reportage of the activities of the so-called Islamic State and confusing Isis with Islam.

IS do not represent Islam in any way that would be recognised by moderate Muslim people the world over.

In fact, there must be as many variations of Islam and interpretations of the Koran as there are of Christianity and the Bible, and the British cannot afford to be complacent when we remember how Christianity was imposed forcibly on many indigenous peoples around the world.

Just look at how many different kinds of Christian churches there are in this area alone, all apparently with different ideas on how Christianity should be celebrated.

A few years ago I spent 10 days in the company of a delightful Jordanian Muslim tour guide.

At my request, he told me a great deal about Islam and the Koran and I believe it to be a truly beautiful religion.

My informant told me how much he and other Muslims resented (‘hated’ was the word he used) the actions of the ‘Fundamentalist Muslims.’.

His description of the religion, and his general attitude and demeanour almost converted me to Islam on the spot.

He was/is a truly gentle man who really went out of his way to care for and educate his guests, whilst feeling quite ill himself.

He followed the basic rules of Islam but never in a way which caused any embarrassment or discomfort to his group.

Before I retired, I worked with some Muslim groups in this area and it was delightful to be in their company – they were generous, kind, accepting and genuine people.

So Mr and Mrs Dixon, why not let your son find out about the true nature of Islam? We can be sure that radical ideas will not be taught in British schools as, if it is not already unlawful to do so, it soon will be.

MJ Tuckwell,

Farriers Rise,