RELIGION: Diversity must be welcomed

Michael Calder.
Michael Calder.

Stuart and Marie Dixon’s reported decision to withdraw their child from religious education at James Calvert Spence College is a little puzzling.

Although they say they have many Muslim friends, they say don’t want their son to learn about the key beliefs and traditions of these ‘friends’. This shows a remarkable lack of curiosity.

There certainly are some disturbing things going on around the world in the name of religion – but it seems rather perverse to prefer to keep their child in ignorance, when the subject is being sensitively explored with a professional teacher.

As for saying they feel ‘discriminated against’ for being British and Christian, I would point out that according to the last census, Islam is the second largest organised religion in this country, so their son’s religious education could actually prepare him rather well for living and working in a diverse country filled with people of many different beliefs, but sharing the same nationality.

As for blaming their son’s school for spoiling his beliefs in the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy and Father Christmas, at what age do they think their son should learn the shattering fact that these are simply folktales, and absolutely nothing to do with the Christianity they claim to follow?

Chris Hudson