REGENERATION: More action is needed

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In reference to Robert Hewistons’ email in the Northumberland Gazette, some points need challenging.

While like him, I am Amble since birth, and we are both passionate about the town, I see it slightly differently, as do a lot of people.

I admire what the Amble Development Trust and the council have tried, and have done with Amble, in this current economic state of cutbacks.

He mentions that the development of the harbour area is ‘ripping the heart out of the community’ but I ask, what heart is he actually talking about?

There has been nothing but improvement in Amble in recent times. The town square, the Queen Street upgrade, the hugely popular harbour development, the new pier.

I commend Rob for pointing out that the focus is on the harbour area at present, but what he may need educating in, is the funding is very criteria specific. So the funding that has been used for the harbour would have probably only been available to improve the harbour area.

But to Mr Hewitson, and others of his ilk and attitude, the question is what have you done to make Amble better?

This is where I think we all, including me, need to take ownership of making our town the place what we want it to be.

While we can hang our hats on picking up a couple of empty Mars Bar wrappers on a litter pick, we need more action from the townspeople that creates real change.

Of course the new development will cerate new opportunities and jobs. I have no idea why he references the boat yard closing while the owner of the same boat yard has had the vision to be included in the development of the area with the new apartments he has built at the harbour.

What else does Rob want people to do? He focuses on Queen Street which, according to him, is a ‘disgrace’. So what is disgraceful about it? It can’t be that bad to win an award? Or am I missing something.

I think Robert, and Amble would agree that with his ‘glass half empty’ outlook, we should really be thankful that the Trust and council have a ‘half full’ attitude to balance it out, or otherwise if left to people like him, the town really would be empty.

Come on Amble, let’s get involved.

K Burnett,

Gloster Park,