REFUGEES: We should open our arms

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I was concerned to read MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan’s views on unaccompanied child refugees, (Northumberland Gazette, March 2).

Whilst I understand that an increase in foster places would be helpful in placing these children, I do not believe it is the only solution.

I do not agree that the refugees in France are “safe”. The 3,000 children who should be helped under the Dubs amendment are alone, cold and hungry. They are at risk of exploitation and abuse. If France is not helping them, the UK should set an example and provide a solution to their plight.

As the threat of Brexit rumbles on, we present ourselves as a very insular country. Instead, we should be opening our arms wide to these young people and offering them support when they need it most.

I hope that Mrs Trevelyan will vote for the amendments to legislation that may see the Dubs scheme kept open.

I also ask her to call a public meeting to ascertain what support the people of Northumberland may be prepared to offer these young people. Not everyone is in a position to foster, but many I have spoken to are appalled by the Government’s inaction and are willing to work together to find solutions to this crisis.

Caroline Fentiman,