REFUGEES: Government is being sensible

I take issue with the views expressed in the letter from Mr and Mrs Hoskin (Northumberland Gazette, September 17).

This letter appeared under the heading “We must help people like us”, but at any rate, so far as the Syrians are concerned, we are speaking of people engaged in a civil war more ferocious and more barbaric than our own civil war of the 17th century.

The letter commences with an unwarranted attack on our Government’s sensible and well-balanced policy, which was described by our MP in your edition of September 10.

There is, however, one point in the letter with which I am inclined to agree; given the enormous scale of the current migration the task of differentiating between ‘genuine refugees’ and ‘economic migrants’ is far beyond the capacity of the machinery set up for this purpose.

The main cause of the migration is not a fear of violence of persecution, but rather a loss of confidence in the medium-term and even long-term future of certain countries.

Many citizens of those countries do not feel that they will be able to come together with their fellow citizens to put their respective countries in order.

It seems to be suggested that the people of this country should take into their homes people whose backgrounds cannot be verified from any independent source. This will almost certainly be the case if the people involved have travelled through unofficial channels.

This may include individuals who have been involved in the “ethnic cleansing” of Christians, Druse and other minority groups.

GL Hopper,

Mariners Court,