Reflect the village needs

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We were interested to read the Estates’ response to the recent strongly supported protest against the proposed developments in Warkworth and would be very interested in hearing exactly how they could ever make a ‘positive cultural contribution’ to the village.

Warkworth is already a vibrant community and many of our young people would choose to live here.

Can the Estates guarantee as they have stated that the developments will allow ‘local people’ ie, our young people to live in their village?

We would also like to seek clarification on whether the financial contribution offered by the Estates to build the affordable housing is linked in any way to the S106 agreement. And, if so, have our elected parish councillors been involved in this decision?

The Estates have quoted the Warkworth Housing Needs Survey from 2008. We would question the relevance of this pre-recession survey to private housing and would welcome a survey which would reflect the current needs of our village before any decisions are taken.

The Estates maintain that villages ‘like’ Warkworth have an under supply of private housing.

This may well be the case in other villages but our research shows that with an abundance of private homes for sale, there clearly is no need in Warkworth itself.

Perhaps they would consider looking for a village ‘like’ Warkworth to build them in.

Fiona Burns and Anne Puddephatt,