Quote was ‘out of context’

I was pleased to see the article about the Detchant road in your newspaper on February 28 but I was very disappointed when I actually read it as I feel it did not fully represent what was said at the Belford Parish Council meeting on February 21.

In particular, the comment made in the last sentence – “I am the victim...” – was reported in isolation and out of context. While I am a resident of Detchant (as well as being the representative councillor for Middleton, which includes the hamlet of Detchant), I made it very clear to the meeting that the views I expressed were not personal but were on behalf of the residents who had contacted me about issues with the road and the impact the Bedmax business has on their lives. This will be confirmed by the minutes of the meeting.

Councillors listened carefully and one suggested a possible short-term solution to the problem of lorries meeting on the unclassified road.

I am concerned that the implication raised by the article may suggest that I abused my position as a councillor by raising a personal grievance against Bedmax and its operations. This was very definitely not the case.

Brenda Stanton,