Putting the record straight

For many, many years the name Shilbottle Coal Company has been linked with Lesbury and has been one of the area’s oldest and largest employers.

Recent years have seen incorrect, scurrilous comments made. One article nearly resulted in a libel case.

Eco friendly: Past comments ignore our clean-up of the yard and our planting of vegetation which obscures the yard in summer.

We sell renewable fuel and fuel which could produce less carbon emissions than a gas-combi boiler.

During the last ‘real’ winter, we supplied (as we have consistently during all strikes and wars) the only unfrozen fuel source within about a 20-mile radius.

Alnmouth Station averages 68 passengers over an entire day (Wikipedia), but few drive there daily by car.

The car park may be filled by holiday-home owners and locals who could walk or use the under-used cycle path.

Timed parking would stop this. Double-yellow lines would stop road parking and residents could create free parking in their own gardens.

British Rail could place all their stores in the south yard to free up space in an infinitely expandable north yard.

They must have access to the south yard and this arrangement is both convenient and solves health and safety issues arising when equipment transgresses the road.

We already provide paid car parking but 24/7 would block railway access and produce noise to the Station South Cottages.

The easy, cheap option, without costing local jobs, would be using the wide opening at the lower end of the Station Cottages and create a car park over the allotments at the rear.

Health and safety for car access to the south yard and for passengers who would have to cross the road would cost ratepayers a fortune.

JK Hopper.

Shilbottle Coal Co Ltd