PUB CLOSURE: Village asset must be saved

The Black Bull in Lowick.
The Black Bull in Lowick.

I was very unhappy to see that the pub, the Black Bull in Lowick, is under threat of closure, particularly since only last week I listened to a debate in Parliament for a Bill to protect the change of use laws in pubs, for just such an event when they are the centre point for a remote rural village.

This is a typical story of far-away firms closing down our local firms of historic importance.

As Parliament are in the process of protecting these places which are the centre of village life, stopping any change of use, this sale should be stopped under planning laws as soon as possible.

This firm obviously knows nothing about the Borders and we suffer too much from distant landlords all over north Northumberland.

Half of Alnwick is owned by an off shore company. I have no doubt Berwick is in the same fix.