Protect our coastline

I HAVE never written a letter to a newspaper before but I am so incensed at the comments made in Alan Castle’s column in the Gazette, November 18, about the Beadnell row being only about three houses.

This is not about more houses in Beadnell, that is another major problem affecting this village.

Only this month, Northumberland County Council’s planning committee gave approval for another seven houses to be built in Beadnell, adding to the 250 approved in the last 10 years.

This is about protecting our beautiful coastline for locals, visitors, in fact everyone, for now and future generations.

The proposed three houses involved in this row would be built directly on the coastal strip in Beadnell affecting the coastline, which is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a Heritage Coast and adjacent to a Site of Special Scientific Interest and Area of Conservation, as well as a Special Protection Area and Ramsar Site.

The Save Beadnell Association is trying to protect the coastline from this development, which if approved could open the floodgates for future planning applications from other landowners of the coastal strip in Beadnell who are waiting in the wings. Beadnell’s coastscape will become a Benidorm-type streetscape if these three houses and others are given approval.

Our county councillors have a duty to protect Northumberland’s coastal landscape, which has been described as Northumberland’s ‘jewel in the crown’.We can only hope that they continue to do so.

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