Powder keg waiting to blow

I would like to reply to Ben O’Connell’s article ‘Bid to tackle county’s youth unemployment’ in the Northumberland Gazette’s business column of July 5.

As an employer I would love to employ a young person with my firm, and give them the opportunity to learn a trade or skill. I have qualifications in training young people from the successful Alnwick District Council YTS scheme building stone bus shelters in the 1970s and 80s. Many young people who were on this scheme now work in the building trade and some actually run their own businesses. This scheme was ideal for young people leaving school with few academic qualifications.

I would like to help young people who are unable to pass exams but are able to contribute to the future of this country. The subsidy of up to £2,275 announced by coalition deputy Nick Clegg would be dwarfed by the cost of regulations and paperwork and impractical health and safety rules – enforced by Northumberland’s unitary council, rubber-stamped by the Goverment but created by the European Union. The unworkable rules and regulations brought in by the European Union are creating massive youth unemployment not only in Britain but across the whole of Europe. This is a powder keg waiting to explode if something isn’t done by the authorities from Brussels to Morpeth to address the question of youth unemployment with a practical answer.

Michael Weatheritt

M Weatheritt Builders