Potholes will deter visitors

Listening to the local news, there was a report of a proposed wind turbine at Follions Farm.

Locals and district and parish councillors, who appear to have objections to the said turbine, felt it would deter tourists from visiting the area.

In my view a far bigger deterrent to tourists is the state of our roads.

One road we frequently use from Whittingham through Yetlington onto Trewhitt Hall, passing the proposed turbine site, is a prime example.

This road, which I agree can be very scenic, is an absolute disgrace.

The chances of any tourist seeing the proposed turbine will, in my view, be fairly remote, as they will be too busy avoiding the massive potholes from ‘wrecking’ their vehicles to notice the said turbine.

Maybe it would be fitting for councillors to address this serious problem with equal vigour, which would go a long way to help both locals and tourists alike?

J Robinson,