POTHOLES: Don’t forget pedestrians

In response to Alan Castle’s column (Thursday, October 23) in which he reported on the results of a survey naming Northumberland County Council as the most improved for its highways and transportation services, and for both its roads maintenance and the condition of its roads, I should like to make the following observation.

While Northumberland County Council can indeed be congratulated on its efforts on behalf of those using our road network, is it too much to ask that similar efforts should be made to help the hapless pedestrian who has to combat hazardous conditions when walking on our sadly-neglected pavements?

I have had the opportunity to ponder on this over the many weeks recovering from a broken leg sustained by falling over on a very rough pavement in Rothbury.

This was on a route well used by schoolchildren, as well as the general public. Are we pedestrians not also worthy of the finest efforts of our council?

Joan Wilkinson,

Silverton Lane,