Poor market

DAVID Brown (Gazette letters, September 1) was not the only person to have been disappointed by the August Bank Holiday continental market in Alnwick.

I made a special journey down from across the border to attend but met the same disappointing situation.

There were two dismal food stalls, neither of which had labels or prices and that was it.

Nobody had informed the poor ladies in the tourist office about the number of stalls nor any events programme.

Furthermore, the two people who wait by Alnwick car park to welcome visitors were totally unaware of any market event.

It is just as well that poor publicity in the county prevented many more people from being disappointed too.

I contacted the council, who responded with a grumpy email accusing me of having got the date confused with the end of September food festival. I also note the way in Northumberland that council charges are killing off markets and other events.

Sandie Reed,

Whitsome, Duns