Pollution of fossil fuels

Many of the letters in the last year have been on the structure of our environment.

It was no secret that I was happy with windmills and as an artist I like to have a vertical in my scenery and loathe power cables and towers crossing the landscape in profusion.

However, I am very keen that we should think carefully about the use of fossil fuel. If we use it all in the next two generations how are our descendants going to fare?

I do not believe that man can alter the temperature of the planet and I believe that although there is still global warming, since we are coming out of the ice age, fossil fuels burnt for warmth cause unbearable pollution of the atmosphere.

I was a medical student in 1952 when London was completely enveloped in fog and caused a large number of deaths and ill-health to the disabled and elderly.

So last winter with electric bills getting very high, and I am an entirely electric house, I took up with solar energy. I do not like shiny black roofs in my landscape but needs must.

The attitude of the general population to those of us who take seriously the encouragement of the Government to people prepared to try to add renewable energy to our system is one of pure envy.

If they are low income in small houses they get every assistance to save energy and go green by those in power.

Your letter last week complaining that only those who don’t need help are allowed to get green energy is a complete misunderstanding of the way the calculations are reached.

Anyone who is disabled or elderly and therefore living in a bungalow is not given help to go green as all the calculation depends on floor area and bungalows are spread out.

I have just applied for certification and living in a bungalow built to the best energy-saving protection of the 1990s, the calculation adds up to far more than my usage and they didn’t even add fuel for cooking or television and lighting.

It was then explained to me by the man doing the assessment that no one living in the countryside of Northumberland and the Borders would get in the D category.

Exactly the same problem occurred with the roof insulation improvements which happened last year.

So I will ask everyone who writes to object to someone’s application for green energy to realise they are not getting the cheaper fuel consideration the headlines suggest.

One other misunderstanding expressed by the letter writers against renewables is the business of holding the excess.

We do already have a means of holding extra energy like a battery.

There is one generator I know of inside Snowdon, which the nimbys tried to stop, and one in Scotland. There are more being planned.

The other thing is if too much power is being generated to the grid, it is much easier to switch off a windmill than a fossil-fuel or nuclear power station, and also sudden surges allowed a quick switch-on through windmills while we are short of holding methods.

Anne Wrangham,

By email