POLITICS: Little sign of Christianity

So the Prime Minister wants us all to espouse Christian values, does he?

The last time I looked Christianity also included the duty to care for those less fortunate than ourselves (and most of my Christian friends do this wonderfully well).

This Government has progressively reduced business taxes and, on one occasion, personal taxation for the better-off whilst, at the same time, reducing (or attempting to reduce) benefits for those on “welfare” – even those at work.

Remember Mr Cameron, “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven”.

This Government has also undermined the concept of social housing through progressive cuts and sell-offs, and is currently working hard to ensure that refugees from war-torn countries do not get comfort or support in Britain.

There are now more children living in poverty in Britain than there were before the advent of Cameron et al and the queues at food banks will be their shameful legacy.

George Osborne also reduced the flood defence budget by £116million.

And this Government has persistently and consistently presented to the electorate what William Keegan calls “The Big Lie”, blaming the increase in public sector borrowing and debt on Labour when it was entirely attributable to the banking crisis, i.e. it was entirely attributable to those very people to whom the Government has given a tax reduction.

If a member of Cameron’s or Osborne’s families is in need of social care they will simply buy that care because they can.

For the rest of us we will just have to hope that the services still exist by the time we need them.

At present, this seems unlikely.

Cameron’s statement makes Islam or Buddhism look all the more desirable to me.

M J Tuckwell,