POLITICS: Disillusioned with claptrap

Scott Dickinson
Scott Dickinson

I saw Coun Dickinson’s face once again in your paper, then read his statement re Tories voting against various things.

he stated that the voters wouldn’t forget what the Tories had done. Are these the same voters who his party ignored with regard to over 16s’ bus fares, closing Morpeth council offices and arguments with Amble council over distribution of fundings/grants.

Oh, we shouldn’t be surprised that the councillor conveniently forgets all this. He is just one of many others over the country who make statements without actually thinking about what they are saying.

No doubt, come the election, when turnouts are low, they will wonder why.

They only need to sit down and think about what they have been saying and maybe realise that people are just generally disillusioned with the claptrap they keep hearing and reading.

Kenneth J King,

Grey Arms Court,

Main Street, Red Row