POLITICS: Decision time is looming

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Well, that’s the New Year over with. So what do we have to look forward to? The summer, bombarded with holiday offers, oh and the general election campaigns are starting.

Now listen folk, we don’t want you to tell us what you think we want to hear, we want you to tell us what is achievable, what you will do once elected that will not involve a U-turn. Have you done your research and do your party leaders agree with you? Is it good for the country rather than just a vote booster?

I know my vote counts and I want to make an informed decision.

But which party? The Conservatives: Not done a bad job so far but I am concerned about Europe.

Just because they promise us a referendum in 2017 does not mean if the no vote wins we pull out.

We could be told that major reforms have been agreed and we stay in, when in fact the reforms are some half-baked changes to try to convince us that Europe is still worth the punt. How can we forget the number of U-turns in the first half of parliament? Most of the time badly thought-out but an MP wanting to stand out but then has egg on their face.

The Lib Dems: Well, I am sorry folk but you have lost all credibility as a party. You have continually held your coalition partners to ransom to get your own way and just look at the free hot meals fiasco.

Head-in-sand mentality. Even though many schools warned that it was too short a timescale or they didn’t even have a kitchen any more you still press on. In fact, we read recently that many parents are rejecting it due to the quality.

Labour: Still hanging to the unions’ coat tails. You have been told more than once a leader is required with more credibility Ed, but you know better. How can you lead your campaign with reforms to the NHS when you are making such a diabolic mess of NHS Wales? Also your spend, spend, spend mentality has stuck with you for as long as I can remember.

Sorry, even with a gun at my head you don’t have my vote.

Ukip: Some interesting policies but where do you find some of the fruit cakes up for election? Even if you got a majority you would not have clue to what to do. Need to spend some time in a coalition to see how government works.

And the rest: From wacky no-hopers to independents that have real passion but no chance unless part of a bigger picture in UK politics.

Good luck to you all, but help me make that informed decision.