Police patrols needed at bus station

Alnwick bus station.
Alnwick bus station.

On Wednesday, August 26, I had the misfortune of spending an hour in Alnwick bus station waiting for a bus to Alnmouth, which never arrived, before I left at 7.45pm.

I understand there is a roadworks problem on the A1 which has been affecting this service for some weeks now.

Unfortunately, there are no staff available at the bus station to keep passengers informed regarding any delays or cancellations, and on this occasion there were passengers visiting the area on holiday.

While waiting in the bus station, ‘entertainment’ was provided by four teenage girls, one of whom insisted on shouting ‘hello, my friend’ at and towards everyone who passed, at the top of her very loud voice. That appears to be her catch phrase.

In addition, these girls were openly discussing their extensive sexual experiences in the most vile terms, without a care for who may be listening. Two ladies sitting nearby were obviously upset by this and moved away to stand near to Morrisons supermarket.

I note with interest that Alnwick police are tackling boy racers in the town centre, but on this occasion there were no police present and a number of ‘mechanical wasp’ motor scooters and two cars driving round and round the area being gesticulated to by the aforementioned girls.

I, being retired police, challenged the girls, which had the effect of shutting them up for all of two minutes until they started again, the louder one becoming even louder.

The matter is easy to resolve. The bus station needs a regular passing police presence and also Arriva needs to keep its passengers informed.

Rant over.

Phill Armstrong,

By email