Please save Embleton

I HAVE been coming to Embleton and its surrounding area all my life.

It is an area of outstanding beauty which attracts visitors and tourists nationally and internationally throughout the year.

I was horrified to learn that a further planning application had been applied for which if granted would damage this perfect place forever.

A hideous building has already been built which has completely changed the leafy lane from Embleton to Dunstan Steads.

The erection of another steel building which is proposed to house factory farmed livestock fattened and slaughtered at a young age, would not be suitable.

Visitors who come to the area want to see the livestock outside and enjoy the birds and the wildlife.

The site is accessed by one narrow road.

If a new vehicular access is allowed it would have to be careful it does not adversely affect cyclists or parents with children walking down to the beach or Dunstanburgh Castle.

Please save our Embleton.

Barbara Robson