Please pick up after your pets

Walking around Alnwick with my daughter in her pram is a regular pastime.

But something has started putting me off.

It seems that dog owners are getting far too lazy and think that leaving their pet’s poo on the pavement is acceptable.

It is not.

I have now had to scrub my carpets countless times because the pram wheels have been covered in the stuff.

And with a child that likes to play on the floor it isn’t the nicest thing for her to pick up.

When you are pushing something in front of you it is difficult to see what you are walking in to and therefore unknowingly drive straight over big piles of poo.

I am a dog owner as well as a mother.

I take both the pram and dog out together and even if my child is screaming I manage to pick up my pooch’s poo.

Why can others not do the same?

It is not just one area of the town that is affected, it is everywhere, the town centre, side roads, parks you name it.

If you read this please think about the other people using the pavement and ask yourself would you want dog poo trailed into your house?

Name and address supplied