PLANNING: Good decision

The existing Link House, north of Beadnell.
The existing Link House, north of Beadnell.

A good decision was made last Thursday, November 6, at the council planning meeting held in Alnwick.

The attempt to knock down a small, discreet 103-year-old land-worker’s cottage and replace it with a futuristic ‘warehouse in the dunes’ was soundly thrown out by planning committee. The decision was unanimous.

Clearly, the fact that the Northumberland Heritage Coast is seen to be such a beautiful Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is instrumental in the fact that the coastal strip is becoming a no go area for would-be property developers and speculators.

Rightly so, this can only be wonderful news for those who love and appreciate the uniqueness of this very special place.

There are many locations no doubt that would welcome adventurous and innovative architecture but the windswept and heritage-rich shoreline of Northumberland is not such a venue.

During the last four years there have been five attempts to build on the protected shoreline in and around Beadnell. All of them have failed. Perhaps now, others who would wish to go to the expense and effort of trying to build on land that is probably among the most protected in Britain will get the message that attempting to do so will be met with the most hardened and serious resistance and that in all probability they will not succeed.

This latest application resulted in 99 objections, the vast majority of whom live within the parish of Beadnell.

It had 33 supporters, all of whom lived far afield, with none living in the parish.

A big vote of thanks is due to the councillors who, as well as rejecting the application unanimously, did so with words that illustrated their own concern for the welfare of this unsurpassed coastline.

We are grateful for their invaluable decision making in keeping this truly an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Jim Norris,

Save Beadnell Association